Oxbow Park And Preserve: A Hidden Gem In 2023

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Are you looking for a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? Look no further than Oxbow Park and Preserve, located just outside of Rochester, Minnesota. This hidden gem offers breathtaking natural beauty and a variety of outdoor activities for visitors of all ages. Let’s explore what makes Oxbow Park and Preserve so special.

The History of Oxbow Park and Preserve

Oxbow Park and Preserve was established in 1967 with the goal of preserving and protecting the natural habitat of the Zumbro River Valley. Over the years, the park has expanded to include over 600 acres of land, including hiking trails, campgrounds, and picnic areas. The park is now managed by the Olmsted County Parks Department and serves as a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Outdoor Activities

Hiking and Biking Trails

One of the main draws of Oxbow Park and Preserve is its extensive network of hiking and biking trails. The trails wind through dense forests, past babbling brooks, and over rolling hills, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just looking for a leisurely stroll, there’s a trail for everyone at Oxbow Park and Preserve.


If you’re looking to spend the night in the great outdoors, Oxbow Park and Preserve has you covered. The park offers a variety of camping options, from primitive sites for tent camping to RV sites with electrical hookups. Wake up to the sound of birds chirping and the gentle rustling of leaves in the wind – it’s a truly magical experience.

Fishing and Boating

The Zumbro River is a popular spot for fishing and boating enthusiasts. Oxbow Park and Preserve offers multiple access points to the river, making it easy to launch your boat or cast a line. Common fish species in the river include smallmouth bass, northern pike, and walleye.


Oxbow Park and Preserve is home to a diverse array of wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, and even bald eagles soaring overhead. The park is also home to a variety of bird species, making it a popular spot for birdwatching.

Events and Education

Oxbow Park and Preserve hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including nature walks, educational programs, and outdoor concerts. Check the park’s website for a calendar of upcoming events. The park also offers educational programs for children and adults, including guided hikes and environmental education classes.


Oxbow Park and Preserve is a true hidden gem in 2023. With its stunning natural beauty, diverse array of outdoor activities, and educational programs, it’s the perfect place to unplug and reconnect with nature. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Oxbow Park and Preserve is not to be missed.