persian cat care

Currently, the Persian cat is one of the most popular cat breeds. The Persian cat is known for its gentle and sweet personality and long fur. They are good companions for almost anyone and are not very demanding. Unlike other species such as the Siamese species, the Persian breed requires very little care and attention.

Although white is the color associated with Persian cats, they actually come in other colors. diverse also during the race They are divided into seven colors – solid, silver and gold, tabby, gray and smoky, particle, bicolor and Himalayan. They are best observed during competition with their long, flowing coat.

Persian cat must always be kept indoors. to protect their fur if they go outside They can easily damage their fur. They also need daily brushing with a metal comb. Otherwise, the hair will get tangled which will cause hairballs. You will also need to bathe your Persian cat regularly to help protect its coat. Bathing works best when the cat is young. because it will make the cat familiar Bathing should not be neglected. This will keep your cat’s coat looking clean and healthy. Although some breeds are able to maintain their own fur. But the Persians can’t. Their fur is long and dense. You should brush their coat daily to keep their coat healthy.

The Persian breed is gentle and affectionate. They get along well with everyone, including children, they always have a beautiful voice. use of voice and eyes They are very good at communicating with their owners. They are a lot of fun. But it doesn’t require much attention. They love attention and love to be appreciated. Unlike other cats, they don’t climb and jump much. They also do no damage. They love to be admired and lied to. Most of the time, Persian cats love to bask in the sun and show others how beautiful they are.

Although most cat breeds can be housed indoors or outdoors. However, Persian cats must always be kept indoors and never leave the house. Store them inside with a protective coat and keep common diseases and parasites away from them as well. You don’t have to worry about your car or dog if you keep your pet inside.
To ensure that your Persian pet stays healthy you should take them to the vet every year. If properly cared for, such as grooming, appointments and physical exams, Persian cats can live up to 20 years. One thing you need to be aware of that is normal for Persian cats is their eyes. Their eyes are very large and sometimes too many for a cat to clean. This is a common health problem for this breed. and should be checked regularly to ensure that it is not getting out of control.

When you compare the Persian breed with other breeds you will see that the Persian is one of the easiest breeds to care for. You don’t have to worry about things like jumping or climbing. Because the Persians don’t like to do it either. All you have to do is feed the cat and take care of it every day. Although maintenance can be quite a difficult job in the long term. But all of that pays off if you have a beautiful and healthy Persian cat.