Tips For Introducing Cats

When you decide to add a new cat to your home, it will usually be more enjoyable for you and your family than the cat you already have. While most cats are introverted by nature, most cats will eventually accept or tolerate any additions. Cats can be territorial. That’s why you should always use caution when introducing a new cat to your current cat.

If you are introducing kittens to each other the entire introduction process can be brief and last 10-15 days. Introducing cats to each other depends on their habits and personalities. When you introduce a new cat to your current cat you should always make sure that you are giving your current cat your full love and attention. This way, your cat will feel safe and know that she is not competing with your new cat for affection. .

When you bring home a new cat you should leave it in the safe room until you have finished introducing the cats. Your safe room can be a small room in your home, such as a spare bathroom or bedroom. The key is to use a room that your cat cannot currently use. In this room, you should leave your new cat with a claw pad, bed, water dish, litter box and food receptacle.

At first, your current cat may howl and hiss when standing in the doorway. Try telling the other cat that he is not the owner. when this happens you should ignore Punishing the cat as the behavior will only cause more problems. Shortly thereafter the first Cat will start to settle down as it approaches the new cat door. when he starts to calm down you should pet him and compliment him.

When your first cat started going to the new cat door and not howling or hissing. You can start introducing them to each other. The best way to do this is to get them used to each other’s scent. You can start feeding them from the same food plate. Even if you initially want to feed at different intervals. This way, each cat’s scent is on the food plate. And each cat can smell when he eats his own food.

After both cats get used to the smell. You can start feeding them closer. To do this you must raise your new cat in a safe room with the door closed. And your first cat is behind the door with a plate of food. This time, feed both cats at the same time. After doing this a few times, they should be able to start eating without hissing or growling. At this point, they should be ready to introduce each other.

When you introduce them to each other in the same room Expect a bit of roaring and hissing. Even though they were used to each other’s scent. Your first cat will still be a bit uncomfortable with your new cat in its territory. You have to play with both first. so they can kiss and greet each other in their own way. If they start fighting you should break up and give them some time apart

It may take some time for them to get used to each other. Even when they do They will be playmates for life. sociable cat Although it may seem a bit rough at first, especially for your first cat, Cats can be territorial. Especially if you have kittens around. If you know each other early. Adding the next cat to your home will be much easier.